Vincent van Lieshout is a multidisciplinary motion designer and digital creative based in Ghent, BE.

During a job interview, the creative director of a prominent Belgian branding agency emphasized that being a great designer is not about software skills; it's about attitude and way of thinking. I like to consider myself that type of motion designer. 

Let me be clear—I excel in After Effects. However, what truly fulfills me and ignites my passion for design is the thought process. It’s thinking about the ‘why’, in order to express the same story no matter the deliverable (motion, copywriting, photography...). Design isn't confined to a single program; sometimes expressing an idea requires exploring diverse tools that are better suited for the task. That's why I cherish considering the overarching vision in my designs—it serves as a solid foundation.

Consequently, I'm passionate about a range of disciplines. Typography and branding captivate me. It's an transcending experience when I discover the perfect use for a typeface I've gazed at in wonder for days on end. Also copywriting, photography, coding, 3D, and website building excite me equally. Essentially, I'm a motion designer who defies his boundaries.

Spoiler: I didn’t get the job, but it planted the seed for this little self-introduction.

+32 498 01 11 17


︎︎︎De Nabije Toekomst, 2020

‘From Motion to More Fun’, E3 Design Sessions, 2022

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