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Govert Elektricien - a clear & flexible visual identity

Brand design, art direction, copywriting, photography, website design

Independent work

Govert Elektricien is an electrician in Ghent with a not so common background. Having had a diverse career - publishing books, managing computer networks, teaching and doing research - he took the step of becoming an electrician with an array of different skills and viewpoints under his belt. Above all, Govert Elektricien is an expressive and colourful individual with a great way of communicating and levelling with people. Seeking to reflect this uniqueness and to stand out from his competitors, Govert Elektricien came to me to create his visual identity.

Working closely with Govert, we developed a strategy and tone of voice. Copywriting played a crucial role in capturing his unique communication style. The brand needed to be witty, reassuring and approachable, centering on word-play.

Visually, the identity is based on a twisted cable. Making a pattern out of the element, you get a visual representation of an electrician’s process: often differing from the plan, yet Govert easily navigates you through it. The result is a flexible identity that’s instantly recognisable and unambiguously applied.

The website was an important deliverable for Govert. It was the first and primary touch point for his customers before reaching him. He trusted me with the task of designing and building it to ensure consistency with the identity. Take a look at