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KONVOOI 2023 - art festival gets animated visuals 

Motion Design

Independent work
In collaboration with Corbin Mahieu

Belgian designer Corbin Mahieu reached out to me to animate the promotional material for this year’s edition of KONVOOI, the free art festival taking place in the port of Bruges. It would be a step up in their online presence. I proposed a teaser video - aimed at grabbing attention and conveying the most important information - and a more extended video, putting a spotlight on the curators and giving a more nuanced feel for the event.

The motion concept (as well as Corbin Mahieu’s original graphical concept) finds its roots in the name of the festival, ‘KONVOOI’, Dutch for ‘convoy’. The letters move forward and backward, while keeping their formation, like ships sailing in formation, and at the same time they leave behind a trail reminiscent of the water surface being split and rippled. This makes for a recognizable and unique motion language.