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Promatect-H - Lasting Impression

Art direction, 3D, motion design, sound design
Work done for BBC - a B2B creative agency

Promat is the company behind the well-known Promatect-H boards: fire protection boards for important constructions. It’s not a new product, yet it’s a Grade A one that outranks the competition. How can we strengthen the awareness of architects and contractors so that Promat’s Promatect-H becomes top-of-mind? We have to trigger the target audience with something different than USP’s. An unusual claim for example. The animated “Nothing is happening here” social media campaign reminds the target audience that by using Promatect-H in their buildings, they ensure that life can continue without any hindrance. It’s not a product doing something actively; it’s ‘only’ a vital one making everyday life as we know it possible.

This concept visualizes the idea by communicating the message using nothing tangible, only shadows. It carries a high-end feel and suits the established position of Promat. This proposal has not been selected.