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Recticel Talks 

3D, motion design, art direction, concept
Work done for BBC - a B2B creative agency

Recticel Insulation is a leading brand in acoustic and thermal isolation solutions. But they are much more than that. They are a construction partner to their clients and experts in that field. BBC created Recticel Talks - a content format aimed at bringing experts together and sharing expertise online and in real life through interviews and talks. This video launched the whole campaign. Revolving around the ‘Recticel T’ - the icon we designed for Recticel Talks, inspired by isolation material - we showed different environments to illustrate the broad spectrum of projects and construction fields in which Recticel is involved.  The video is fully CG, and was made by making HDRI-images of construction sites and Recticel depots, recreating the environments in 3D and mapping the images on them.