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The Green Dot - Redesign

Branding, Motion design
Private work

Two Degrees Creative created a brief together with The Brand Identity as an open call for designers to redesign the well known Green Dot. Their aim is to make people aware that the logo is misleading. Agreeing entirely with the misleading character, I decided to take part. This is my submission, including a redesigned logo and a motion proposal.

The new logo is first of all inspired by the motion of a coin. The focus on a money coin is deliberate: The Green Dot logo signifies that a company has made a financial contribution to the program. Furthermore, the graphical elements follow a circular path, getting projected forward, while growing in scale. This signifies that all contributions together may grow to result in a brighter future. The aim was to give the logo a slight touch of playfulness. Although the products carrying this logo aren't necessarily recycled, contributing to this good cause is a hopeful thing.