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Woodcrafts and Textile Future Fest - animated material for trend research festival

Motion Design

Independent work
In collaboration with Corbin Mahieu

Woodcrafts and Textile Future Fest is an event organised by trend agency Trendwolves and Fedustria, the Belgian federation of textile and woodworking, in which they’re going to present the results of their trend research in those fields. 
Corbin Mahieu came up with the identity for the event, capturing the terms Woodcraft, Textile and Future in three distinct shapes and colours. I’ve expanded upon that, focussing a great deal on the result of the trend research: the constant technological evolution taking place in the two fields. The result is a motion language of ongoing metamorphosis between the shapes, creating lots of dancing ‘in-between-states’. No shape (or industry) is statically defined and finite these days. 

We provided them with an extended social media video, a teaser story video and a ‘screensaver’ for projection during the event.